During the summer of 2017, we spent 7 days in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, touring some of the most influential nurseries. While we were overwhelmed with their graciousness and love for their country, we also learned so much from them, allowing us to bring back some pretty impressive ideas and techniques to New Jersey. We are always looking for new ways to expand our market.  We have been working with pleaching for quite a while now, but have recently dabbled in pollarding and forming arches.  One of our biggest, most recent projects, has been our ‘Growing On’ System, which will need its own page to introduce and give a thorough explanation of its intentions (look out for that on our website).  Finding new ways to grow trees is always interesting to us, and we are always open to experimenting.  Let us know if you have any upcoming jobs that need some uniqueness to the landscape.  If we haven’t done it yet, we will certainly try!

Pleached Platanus acerifolia hedge at Solitair Nursery in Belgium

Pleached Platanus acerifolia hedge at Solitair Nursery in Belgium

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