Magnolia soulangiana 'Alexandria' – Dark Saucer Magnolia

Magnolia alexandria (1)
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  • Magnolia alexandria (1)
  • 20140826-Dark Saucer Magnolia (1)
  • Magnolia alexandria (2)
  • 20140826-Dark Saucer Magnolia (2)

A heavy bloomer prized for it’s large flowers. Rose-purple flower buds open to pink white petals. Blooms later than species but even so it remains prone to late frost damage in colder zones, so plant in a protected location if possible. Very agreeable to pruning so it can be planted close to buildings or walkways.

Height: 20 - 25 ft
Spread: 20 - 25 ft
Shape: Round
Flower: Light Pink
Foliage: Green
Fall Color: Insignificant
Species: Magnolia - Magnolia
Hardiness Zone: 5