Wonderful specimen tree – a great way to bring red into the landscape. Maturing at less than 20’ tall and wide, this tree fits nicely into a wide range of landscape locations – from rock gardens to open expanses of turf.

New growth is a very interesting orange-red, fades to bronze-green in summer, and finishes the year with bright scarlet fall color. A great way to punctuate the landscape with a touch of red. Makes a great specimen tree, wonderful standing alone in a sea of green grass.

Red leaf dissectums are the other classic weeping Japanese maple and by far the most popular variety. Ever Red has purple-red spring foliage that fades to greenish-red in summer and reverts back to red in early fall. Tight, cascading habit is unique amongst small trees and mounding effect becomes more pronounced with age.

A great way to bring a large, maroon presence into the landscape. Really stands out amongst a sea of green plants and grass. Holds color well through the summer. Tolerates a wide range of soils, also tolerates air pollution and drought. A great specimen tree in an open area, especially when framed by grass or […]

Tight columnar growth habit combined with deep purple leaves makes for a very unique tree. Works well close to buildings, or as a tree hedge. This is the kind of tree that even the disinterested passer by will take notice of. Very unique.

Wonderful tree with numerous cascading branches spilling out of a central leader. Predominant foliage color is purple but bronze and green tones are evident through the growing season. Tight habit and relatively slow growth make this a great rock garden plant that also works well close to buildings.

A striking addition to the landscape this massive ornamental tree is best known for the dark purple leaves in spring through mid-summer. Leaves change to a bronze color by late summer. A great park, shade or lawn tree that stands out particularly well against a green backdrop.

Another striking purple leaf beech. Deep purple leaves hold their color through early summer and fade to a purplish-green by mid-summer. Magnificent specimen tree, wonderful when planted by itself so nothing else detracts from or gets in the way. Strikingly beautiful.

Buds are red-purple, and open to bright pinkish red flowers – tree is stunning in full bloom. Dark red fruits are about the size of a cherry. Rounded habit, foliage emerges purple matures to reddish-green.

Profuse bloomer in spring, a mass of double rosy-pink clusters of blooms. Ornamental bark, great fall color. Makes a great screening plant, lawn or park tree.

Profuse bloomer in spring, a mass of double rosy-pink clusters of blooms. Ornamental bark, great fall color. First branches start at 6 feet up the trunk – which allows people to walk under the canopy and gives mowers closer access to trunk area.