1. We plant 25,000 whips a year. Some of these trees will stay in this field for 10+ years, some for decades.

  2. Trees of 3" caliper or larger can be sold, As trees grow larger transplanting and thinning assures they have room to grow.

  3. Machine dug trenches give the diggers room to work.

  4. The perfectly carved ball is expertly tied The flat edge on the right side will rest on the truck bed during shipping.

  5. The ball is gently tilted to allow burlap and roping on the bottom of the ball to be completed.

  6. No machine could ever tie a ball like like this. Halka trees are dug, burlapped and tied by craftsmen.

  7. Custom machinery and marine quality rope allow trees as heavy as 40 tons to be lifted out of the hole and placed on trailer beds.

  8. Trees are carefully and safely loaded on our trailers. Note the size of the CAT loader necessary to move our trees.

  9. A specially built bracket supports the trunk close to the root ball. Tie down straps and additional roping assure minimal movement during transport .

  10. A custom high-pressure watering system waters the trees on the trailer before they leave the yard.

  11. Sometimes only one tree fits on a trailer, other times multiple trees fit. Our trees are shipped up and down the East coast and beyond.

  12. We are proud of the trees we grow and honored that our trees are planted in some of the most extraordinary places in America.