Who We Are

Halka Nurseries is the countries premier grower of specimen trees. We grow over 200 varieties of trees on 2,500 acres in central and southern New Jersey. Halka sells smaller trees, starting at 2.5”, but specializes in specimen trees as large as 20” in caliper. Our motto of “Quantity and Quality in Variety” speaks to our extensive inventory, exceptional quality and wide selection of trees. Architects and landscape contractors throughout the east coast (and at times the west coast) use Halka trees in government, institutional, commercial and residential landscapes.

Through the decades Halka has experimented with different tree varieties, different growing and digging techniques, the latest technologies, and the most capable equipment. The result is trees of extraordinary size, exceptional quality and variety, that weather the stress of the transplanting process with remarkable predictability. With Halka trees it is no longer necessary to wait for trees to grow, instant size and maturity are possible in any landscape.

If your next project can benefit from the transforming effects of specimen trees from Halka we invite you to call or visit the nursery.

What We Do

We are growers only, we do not install or maintain our trees. Architects (primarily landscape architects, but ocassionally building architects) and contractors (both landscape and at times construction contractors) install our trees. We have worked with hundreds of firms throughout the U.S. and we may be able to refer you to an architect or contractor who can evaluate the suitability of our trees for your project, and who may be able to install and maintain our trees. We typically do not work directly with homeowners unless the project is a very high-end home or estate.


Started in 1954 by Chester Halka Sr., the nursery is now run by his son Chet Halka Jr., and with Chet’s daughters, Jaime and Kate, a third generation has now entered the business. During the 1940’s and 50’s Chester Halka Sr. worked for Hunter Higgins, a pioneer in the sourcing and transplanting of large caliper material. in 1952 Chet and his brothers lined out some nursery stock on his father-in-laws cow pasture. Halka Nurseries was officially started in 1954 and the growth of the business has paralleled the growth of the trees the brothers planted – bigger and bigger every year.