Europeans have used trees as hedges for a long time, and this creative and practical use of trees is increasingly seen in America. Halka has been the primary supplier for landscape architects and horticulturalists who create these uniquely beautiful hedges.

Only certain trees work as hedge plants. Hege maple is one, little-leaf Linden and certain beech varieties also adapt well to hedging. Yearly pruning is typically required, and a telescoping work platform is the tool of choice for accessing the canopy of the trees. The effect can be striking, imagine a 30 foot wall of leaves, unbroken for anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of feet, and you have some idea of the power of a tree hedge.

Landscape architects and arborists in Washington D.C. have been particularly progressive in creating tree hedges and Halka has supplied the trees for the National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden and the Korean War Memorial as shown below.

Tree Hedge at Korean Memorial

A tree Hedge at the Korean Memorial

Tree Hedge Sculpture - Garden 1

Tree Hedge Sculpture the Korean War Memorial Garden

Tree Hedge Sculpture - Garden 2

Another angle of the tree hedge sculpture at the Korean War Memorial