The Persian Parrotia

We wanted to share with you this¬†article which was sent to us from one of our main tree suppliers in Oregon, Carlton Plants. In it you’ll learn about the history of the Persian Parrotia, and why it is a great tree for today’s modern landscapes. We couldn’t agree more on the fact that the Persian […]

Hearty Trees for Ocean Climates

We’ve been trying to accommodate many of our clients who live on/near the ocean. Listed below are some salt and wind tolerant evergreens that we have collaborated, and experimented with landscape architects, in order to increase options for others: Robusta Green Juniper Hollywood Juniper Keteleeri Juniper Please ask us about other varieties to use!

Halka Nurseries Participates In The World Trade Center Memorial Tree Plantings

Halka Nurseries has provided some of the trees and is providing all of the land to grow the trees that will be planted around the World Trade Center Memorial. Watch a video of the trees being planted at ground zero! The pictures below show an aerial illustration of what the plantings will look like and […]

Tree Hedge

Europeans have used trees as hedges for a long time, and this creative and practical use of trees is increasingly seen in America. Halka has been the primary supplier for landscape architects and horticulturalists who create these uniquely beautiful hedges. Only certain trees work as hedge plants. Hege maple is one, little-leaf Linden and certain […]

Evergreen Allee

An allee is defined as “a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs”. Over time that definition has evolved to include streets and driveways as well as walkways. Walking or driving through an allee is a unique experience, it has often been defined as nature’s cathedral. The problem with allees is they depend on mature […]