A wonderful specimen tree.  Exfoliating bark is rich brown to reddish brown, and as it gets older, turns to a cinnamon brown, which gives it seasonal interest.  It adapts to a variety of soils, but prefers well drained.  Because it likes full sun, it can be put in an open landscape.  A one of a […]

Used extensively throughout Europe where it is particularly well known to tolerate salt – both soil and the wind driven sea salt common near the ocean. Tolerates exposed sites and a range of soil conditions. A great shade tree.

An upright tree, with a rounded canopy, and yellow-orange fall color.  Great round form.

This vibrant pink flowering plant can withstand cold temperatures, however, not as tough as Natchez.  It has beautiful multi colored peeling bark, and blooms that will stay through the heat of the summer.

This white flowering Crape Myrtle is among the hardiest in our region, withstanding more cool weather than other varieties.  With its large blooms and cinnamon brown exfoliating bark, this makes for an outstanding specimen tree for your landscape.