Malus sargenti – Sargent Crab Apple

Summer View
Malus sargent (2)
Flower View
Malus sargentii - Sargent Crabapple_Foliage View
Foliage View
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  • Malus sargent (2)
  • Malus sargentii - Sargent Crabapple_Foliage View

A dwarf crabapple, wider than it is tall. Reddish pink buds open to white flowers. Persistent red fruit are very showy in the fall. Beautiful deep green, deeply lobed foliage is unique, and provides interest through the summer. Makes a good patio tree, great in masses.

Height:8 ft
Spread:12 ft
Shape:Broadly spreading
Fall Color:Insignificant
Species:Malus - Crab Apple
Hardiness Zone: 5