Koelreuteria paniculata – Golden Rain Tree

20140827-Golden Raintree (1)
Spring View
20140827-Golden Raintree (2)
Flower View
20140819-Goldenrain Tree (4)
Foliage View
  • 20140827-Golden Raintree (1)
  • 20140827-Golden Raintree (2)
  • 20140819-Goldenrain Tree (4)

Mid-summer pendulous clusters of showy yellow flowers give way to very ornamental seed pods that resemble chinese lanterns – very showy. Yellow flowers are nicely highlighted against green foliage. A good urban tree, very adaptable.

Height:30 ft
Spread:30 ft
Fall Color:Yellow
Species:Koelreuteria - Golden Rain
Hardiness Zone: 5