Magnolia x loebneri 'Dr. Merrill' – Dr. Merrill Magnolia

Magnolia dr
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20140826-Dr. Merrill Magnolia (1)
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Magnolia dr. merrill (2)
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Magnolia dr merrill foliage
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  • Magnolia dr
  • 20140826-Dr. Merrill Magnolia (1)
  • Magnolia dr. merrill (2)
  • Magnolia dr merrill foliage

Vigorous multi-stem magnolia with large, bright white flowers with a touch of pink at their base. New foliage emerges with a hint of burgundy and matures to a dark green. Adaptable to a range of soils, but prefers full sun. Spectacular in full bloom, has been described as a blizzard of white.

Height:25 ft
Spread:25 ft
Fall Color:Yellow
Species:Magnolia - Magnolia
Hardiness Zone: 4