Cercis canadensis – Multi-stem Eastern Redbud

Multistem eastern redbud
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20140826-Multi-stem Eastern Redbud
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20140820-Eastern Redbud (1)
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  • Multistem eastern redbud
  • 20140826-Multi-stem Eastern Redbud
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  • 20140820-Eastern Redbud (1)

Clusters of reddish-purple buds tightly hug the branches in spring and open to a beautiful rosey pink that persist for 3 weeks. Heart shaped leaves and loose branching pattern creates dappled shade underneath. Grows quickly. Bark becomes more interesting with age.

Height:25 ft
Spread:30 ft
Flower:Light Pink
Fall Color:Yellow
Species:Cercis - Redbud
Hardiness Zone: 4