Large primrose-yellow flowers are quite striking. Mid-spring bloom typically avoids frost damage. Moderate grower has a distinctly pyramidal shape. Dark green leaves. Yellow-flowering Magnolias are a site to behold and this is no exception.

A mainstay of southern gardens, cold hardy varieties have made their way up north. Large glossy green leaves are the most striking feature. Magnificent white flowers are often partially obstructed by leaves, but are prominent enough to invite a closer look. A wonderful tree.

A heavy early bloomer. Pink buds open to double coral-pink blooms. Flowers earlier than most crabapples. Fruit ends up an orangish-bronze and stands out nicely against the deeper green foliage. Tolerates a wide range of soils as well as urban conditions. Compact size.

Buds are red-purple, and open to bright pinkish red flowers – tree is stunning in full bloom. Dark red fruits are about the size of a cherry. Rounded habit, foliage emerges purple matures to reddish-green.

Pale pink buds open to white flowers which mature into bright red fruits. Persistent fruits make for great late autumn and winter interest. Makes a great street tree under utility lines, great lawn and park tree.

A dwarf crabapple, wider than it is tall. Reddish pink buds open to white flowers. Persistent red fruit are very showy in the fall. Beautiful deep green, deeply lobed foliage is unique, and provides interest through the summer. Makes a good patio tree, great in masses.

Red buds open pink and turn to bright white. Flowers are very fragrant. Fruits that follow are orange-red and persist into winter. Dark green foliage. Tolerates a wide range of soils. Makes a great street tree.

All the beauty of a lilac in a tree form. Upright form spreads out with age. Large, creamy white flowers in spring – magnificent in bloom. Beautiful bark and foliage add interest. A show-stopper in bloom.

Dense formed canopy, sturdy and compact. These have heavy flowers, with a cherry-like bark. It’s horizontal lenticels are a great feature to separate this variety from others. As it matures, the trunk becomes more gray, rather than a reddish-brown. Likes a well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Flowers best in full sun. May be one of the […]