Quick growing maple best known for its brilliant orange-red fall color, which comes early. Smaller leaves than many maples with glossy green tops and lighter green undersides.

Quick growing maple best known for its brilliant orange-red fall color, which comes early. Smaller leaves than many maples with glossy green tops and lighter green undersides.

Best known for its spectacular fall color, which is deep red to reddish orange. Color starts slightly late and provides a great end to the fall foliage season. Grows quickly to a nice rounded mature shape. Fall color is its calling card and worth the wait. Zone 4b.

Dark, glossy leaves, that hold their orange color well into fall.  Great drought resistant cultivar.

This tree has a very uniformed upright habit, with great heat resistance.  Extraordinary yellow-orange fall color.

An upright tree, with a rounded canopy, and yellow-orange fall color.  Great round form.

Multi-trunk tree is a fast grower to impressive heights. Relatively free of leaf miners and other diseases that plague so many birch varieties. Wonderful exfoliating bark in shades of orange, gray and lavender is a great ornamental feature. Works well as a single specimen, can be particularly striking in groups.

Best known for subtle yellow flowers in very early spring, often one of the first plants to bloom. Flowers are prolific but rather small so they stand out best against a darker colored backdrop. Tolerates partial shade and a wide range of soils. Very cold tolerant.

Native to the eastern U.S., and very long-lived in the landscape. Plants can easily be over 100 years old. Ultimately the tree can be wider than it is tall with fantastic twisting branches, some of which hug the ground. A specimen beech is something to marvel at.

Broad pyramidal holly. Not as tightly branched as San Jose, therefore makes a better screening or hedge plant. Lustrous dark green glossy leaves, berries are red and prolific. Vigorous plant that has been quite popular for a number of years.

Slow growing holly that is densely pyramidal at youth, but opens up a bit as it matures. Cold hardy but should be protected from strong winter winds. Tolerant of air pollution and air-borne salt. Bright red berries.

This upright Crape Myrtle will stay squattier, but is a spectacular specimen plant for your landscape, with its striking flower color and peeling bark, giving it interest all year round.

This white flowering Crape Myrtle is among the hardiest in our region, withstanding more cool weather than other varieties.  With its large blooms and cinnamon brown exfoliating bark, this makes for an outstanding specimen tree for your landscape.

Best known for its’ fall color which is second to none. At times there is a mix of orange and red, but more often a hot coppery-red predominates, a show-stopper in autumn. Nice glossy green leaves emerge with a hint of red. Makes a good shade tree, great lawn or park tree.

Long, narrow leaves are not at all like traditional oak leaves. Finely toothed leaf margins with protruding bristles give the tree its’ name. Makes an excellent shade tree. Good lawn, park and street tree. Tolerates urban conditions.

Impressively large leaves with deep lobes, leaves unfurl slightly reddish pink and mature to a dark glossy green and end in beautiful fall colors. A very hardy and adaptable plant. Tolerates urban conditions well.

Extremely tolerant of urban conditions. Very drought tolerant and adapts to a wide range of soils. Large leaves can grow 5” wide and 10” long. Glossy green on top, lighter color underneath provides a nice bi-color effect in the breeze. Handsome tree, quite majestic when mature.

This very upright variety, with a glossy green leaf, and a glaucous underside makes for a beautiful silhouette. It is resistant to diseases and cold weather. This has had the most success for us in terms of an upright Oak.

All the beauty of a lilac in a tree form. Upright form spreads out with age. Large, creamy white flowers in spring – magnificent in bloom. Beautiful bark and foliage add interest. A show-stopper in bloom.

Beautiful evergreen tree with soft glossy green needles. Wonderful hedging and screening plant. Very agreeable to pruning. Tolerates shade, avoid wind-swept locations, not tolerant of drought. Hardy to Zone 3b-7.

Magnificent dwarf, weeping, evergreen shrub. Extremely dense glossy green foliage. Does not like windswept locations, tolerates shade, not drought resistant. Wonderful rock garden plant, excellent specimen. Exceptionally beautiful dwarf shrub.

Very similar in size and form to American Elm with excellent disease resistance. Tolerates drought and a range of soils. Good shade tree, great street, park and lawn tree. Good urban tree.