This new introduction from J. Frank Schmidt Nursery in Oregon is a great densely branched Maple.  It has less co-dominant leaders, but still a bright red fall color.  With better resistance to spider mites, and it’s fast growing nature, it is a great tree.

Best known for its spectacular fall color, which is deep red to reddish orange. Color starts slightly late and provides a great end to the fall foliage season. Grows quickly to a nice rounded mature shape. Fall color is its calling card and worth the wait. Zone 4b.

Similar to species in most respects but has a thicker, darker green leaf – often described as leathery, and has better heat and drought tolerance. Large, fast-growing shade tree best planted where it has room to grow. Not an ideal street tree due to eventual size and surface roots. Spectacular fall color starts at the […]

Huge vigorous tree that would be a great find for its shade qualities alone, but it’s flowers put it over the top. Erect conical clusters of double white blooms in spring are long-lived. Glossy textured leaves are striking. A uniquely beautiful tree.

Multi-trunk tree is a fast grower to impressive heights. Relatively free of leaf miners and other diseases that plague so many birch varieties. Wonderful exfoliating bark in shades of orange, gray and lavender is a great ornamental feature. Works well as a single specimen, can be particularly striking in groups.

Large primrose-yellow flowers are quite striking. Mid-spring bloom typically avoids frost damage. Moderate grower has a distinctly pyramidal shape. Dark green leaves. Yellow-flowering Magnolias are a site to behold and this is no exception.