Wonderful broad, rounded canopy, with a number of varieties within the family.  This tree can be grown as a single or multi stem, with bark turning slightly grey as it ages.  Leaf color depends on the variety.  Tree likes dappled shade and moist, well drained soil.  It is among one of the most popular specimen […]

Wonderful specimen tree – a great way to bring red into the landscape. Maturing at less than 20’ tall and wide, this tree fits nicely into a wide range of landscape locations – from rock gardens to open expanses of turf.

New growth is a very interesting orange-red, fades to bronze-green in summer, and finishes the year with bright scarlet fall color. A great way to punctuate the landscape with a touch of red. Makes a great specimen tree, wonderful standing alone in a sea of green grass.

A dwarf crabapple, wider than it is tall. Reddish pink buds open to white flowers. Persistent red fruit are very showy in the fall. Beautiful deep green, deeply lobed foliage is unique, and provides interest through the summer. Makes a good patio tree, great in masses.

Very popular, widely planted but never fails to amaze. A weeping fountain of double pink blooms. Great foliage and weeping habit give ornamental value throughout the growing season.

Beautful profusion of white blooms in spring. Small leves turn yellow and orange in fall. Slowing growing, compact form make it a great choice closer to structures, rock gardens, poolscapes, etc..

Magnificent dwarf, weeping, evergreen shrub. Extremely dense glossy green foliage. Does not like windswept locations, tolerates shade, not drought resistant. Wonderful rock garden plant, excellent specimen. Exceptionally beautiful dwarf shrub.