An allee is defined as “a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs”. Over time that definition has evolved to include streets and driveways as well as walkways. Walking or driving through an allee is a unique experience, it has often been defined as nature’s cathedral. The problem with allees is they depend on mature plants on each side to create the overhanging canopy. Very few nurseries can supply plant material large enough to create an instant allee.

Halka is different. We specialize in specimen material and we have plenty of trees that can create an instant allee effect – even on roads or driveways that are two lanes wide. Shown below is an evergreen allee using Blue Atlas Cedar. In time these trees will grow to give a canopy effect, although no evergreen can create the same kind of canopy that deciduous trees like Zelkova can create.  The advantage of evergreen allees is the effect is present year-round. The feeling one gets driving through this evergreen allee is a reminder of the beauty and power of trees.

Evergreen Allee

Evergreen allee using Blue Atlas Cedar