A great way to bring a large, maroon presence into the landscape. Really stands out amongst a sea of green plants and grass. Holds color well through the summer. Tolerates a wide range of soils, also tolerates air pollution and drought. A great specimen tree in an open area, especially when framed by grass or […]

Quick growing maple best known for its brilliant orange-red fall color, which comes early. Smaller leaves than many maples with glossy green tops and lighter green undersides.

Quick growing maple best known for its brilliant orange-red fall color, which comes early. Smaller leaves than many maples with glossy green tops and lighter green undersides.

Best known for its spectacular fall color, which is deep red to reddish orange. Color starts slightly late and provides a great end to the fall foliage season. Grows quickly to a nice rounded mature shape. Fall color is its calling card and worth the wait. Zone 4b.

Large, fast-growing shade tree best planted where it has room to grow. Not an ideal street tree due to eventual size and surface roots, Shade tolerant when young so it can work it’s way up through a canopy of other trees. Excellent shade tree. Full palette of fall colors with colors often mixing together for […]

This fast growing tree has a rounded, upright canopy, with a beautiful yellow, orange, and red fall color.  Leaf is dark green and glossy, and is a great shade tree choice.

Similar to species in most respects but has a thicker, darker green leaf – often described as leathery, and has better heat and drought tolerance. Large, fast-growing shade tree best planted where it has room to grow. Not an ideal street tree due to eventual size and surface roots. Spectacular fall color starts at the […]

Dark, glossy leaves, that hold their orange color well into fall.  Great drought resistant cultivar.

This tree has a very uniformed upright habit, with great heat resistance.  Extraordinary yellow-orange fall color.

Huge vigorous tree that would be a great find for its shade qualities alone, but it’s flowers put it over the top. Erect conical clusters of double white blooms in spring are long-lived. Glossy textured leaves are striking. A uniquely beautiful tree.

Huge shade tree with erect clusters of yellow flowers in mid to late spring. Textured leaves are less prone to leaf spot and mildew than other Buckeyes. Grows quickly when young, slows down as it ages.

Dense foliage with heavily textured dark green leaves that have very distinct veins. Steel-gray bark is showy in winter. Tolerates a range of soil conditions and air pollution. Can be pruned into a hedge shape, trees in a line can be pruned into a hedgerow which is common in Europe.

Takes an already dense tree and tightens it up even further. Very thick, dense and perfectly symmetrical canopy is an ornamental feature on its own. Same great glossy textured leaves as the species. Works well close to buildings, and makes an excellent street tree.

Compact weeping variety of the magnificent specimen tree. Fountain of pendulous branches. Heart shaped leaves resemble redbud foliage. Great fall color comes early and autumn leaves can give off a brown sugary smell.

Fewer branches and more dramatic weeping effect differentiate Pendula from the species. Mature plant is considerably smaller than species allowing it to be planted closer to buildings, walkways, etc..

Best known for striking display of pure white flowers in early summer. Individual flower petals are almost fringe-like, but are so numerous that tree appears to be absolutely covered in them. Great medium size tree that is slow growing and tolerates a half (1/2) day of shade.

Native to the eastern U.S., and very long-lived in the landscape. Plants can easily be over 100 years old. Ultimately the tree can be wider than it is tall with fantastic twisting branches, some of which hug the ground. A specimen beech is something to marvel at.

Deeply cut leaves are unlike any other beech and give the tree a willowy appearance. Many gardeners are surprised this tree is a beech because leaves are so different from the species, but silvery-gray trunk is a dead giveaway. Graceful and majestic.

Wonderful tree with numerous cascading branches spilling out of a central leader. Predominant foliage color is purple but bronze and green tones are evident through the growing season. Tight habit and relatively slow growth make this a great rock garden plant that also works well close to buildings.

A striking addition to the landscape this massive ornamental tree is best known for the dark purple leaves in spring through mid-summer. Leaves change to a bronze color by late summer. A great park, shade or lawn tree that stands out particularly well against a green backdrop.

Another striking purple leaf beech. Deep purple leaves hold their color through early summer and fade to a purplish-green by mid-summer. Magnificent specimen tree, wonderful when planted by itself so nothing else detracts from or gets in the way. Strikingly beautiful.

Relatively slow growing tree forms symmetrical upright branches over time – making it a great shade tree. More compact and uniform than some other varieties. Aptly named for its brilliant golden yellow fall foliage. Extremely hardy. The fruits dropped from female trees have a distinctly bad odor, an issue that is eliminated by the use […]

This durable, and easy transplanting tree is very adaptable. It likes moist soil, although can take a range of soils. It is most known for its incredible bright yellow/gold fall color. Very disease resistant. It is a very slow growing tree but will outlive many species. It is an incredible focal point in the landscape. […]

Broad pyramidal holly. Not as tightly branched as San Jose, therefore makes a better screening or hedge plant. Lustrous dark green glossy leaves, berries are red and prolific. Vigorous plant that has been quite popular for a number of years.

A strikingly large tree at maturity, oldest specimens have been well over 100 feet tall. Grows very rapidly when young. Needs room to grow – probably best as a lawn or park tree. Has been described as aristocratic because large trees are striking and dramatic. Known for bright yellow fall color.

Medium-sized, multi-trunked tree. Flowers appear in late spring or early summer which means they are far less prone to the frost damage that affects some Magnolias. Wonderful contrast between dark green top of leaves of silver-green underside – leaves shimmer in a breeze.

Picturesque pine that is underused and underappreciated. Slow growing, densely pyramidal when young, more open with age. Soft needles are similar in feel and texture to white pine. The combination of soft green needles and tight pyramidal shape makes for a unique specimen. Hardy to Zone 3b-7.

The most popular cultivated pine. Grows quickly, makes a great screening plant, good for wind breaks. An excellent lawn or park tree. Retains a soft texture throughout its lifetime, regardless of how large it grows.

Impressively large leaves with deep lobes, leaves unfurl slightly reddish pink and mature to a dark glossy green and end in beautiful fall colors. A very hardy and adaptable plant. Tolerates urban conditions well.

Extremely tolerant of urban conditions. Very drought tolerant and adapts to a wide range of soils. Large leaves can grow 5” wide and 10” long. Glossy green on top, lighter color underneath provides a nice bi-color effect in the breeze. Handsome tree, quite majestic when mature.

This very upright variety, with a glossy green leaf, and a glaucous underside makes for a beautiful silhouette. It is resistant to diseases and cold weather. This has had the most success for us in terms of an upright Oak.

A Halka introduction with some unique qualities. Acclaimed for it’s dense branching which creates a uniform, symmetrical canopy. Clusters of creamy white flowers in summer borne in upright 6 to 12” tall clusters. Great shade tree, excellent lawn, street and park tree. The most canker resistant Sophora.

Dense formed canopy, sturdy and compact. These have heavy flowers, with a cherry-like bark. It’s horizontal lenticels are a great feature to separate this variety from others. As it matures, the trunk becomes more gray, rather than a reddish-brown. Likes a well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Flowers best in full sun. May be one of the […]

A fast-growing variety that is heat and drought tolerant. Silver undersides of leaves contrast nicely with green tops – leaves shimmer in a breeze. Profuse early summer flowers are hidden somewhat by the foliage but are quite fragrant. Great shade tree.

Magnificent dwarf, weeping, evergreen shrub. Extremely dense glossy green foliage. Does not like windswept locations, tolerates shade, not drought resistant. Wonderful rock garden plant, excellent specimen. Exceptionally beautiful dwarf shrub.