Huge vigorous tree that would be a great find for its shade qualities alone, but it’s flowers put it over the top. Erect conical clusters of double white blooms in spring are long-lived. Glossy textured leaves are striking. A uniquely beautiful tree.

Best known for striking display of pure white flowers in early summer. Individual flower petals are almost fringe-like, but are so numerous that tree appears to be absolutely covered in them. Great medium size tree that is slow growing and tolerates a half (1/2) day of shade.

Pendulous, fragrant flowers remind many of wisteria blooms. The arching, rounded habit reminds some of the head of elm trees. Smooth gray bark is similar to American Beech. In other words this tree shares many of the best attributes of a range of other trees.

The classic flowering dogwood. Still a reliable sign that spring is in full bloom when the white flowers of dogwood are on display. Equal spread and height. Loves half (1/2) day of shade, although best flowers are in full sun. Interesting bark, fruit and great fall color.

Typically blooms 3 to 4 weeks after Cornus Florida. Striking white flowers are prolific, and can last well over a month. Exfoliating bark, especially with age, red to reddish-purple fall color, and better drought resistance than Cornus Florida.

Another Hawthorne with multi-season interest. White flowers in spring, glossy green foliage through summer, great fall colors, persistent red fruits and exfoliating bark in winter. Very adaptable to a range of soil types, and very air pollution tolerant. Makes a great urban tree.

Best known for the white, bell-shaped flowers in mid-spring. Flowers produce interesting fruit pods that change from green to tan and add interest through summer and fall. A wonderful tree for naturalized plantings, also a good patio tree. Tolerates shade, other plants grow well underneath.

This white flowering Crape Myrtle is among the hardiest in our region, withstanding more cool weather than other varieties.  With its large blooms and cinnamon brown exfoliating bark, this makes for an outstanding specimen tree for your landscape.

A mainstay of southern gardens, cold hardy varieties have made their way up north. Large glossy green leaves are the most striking feature. Magnificent white flowers are often partially obstructed by leaves, but are prominent enough to invite a closer look. A wonderful tree.

Royal Star is modest in height, but quite dramatic in bloom. Relatively small by Magnolia standards it remains taller than it is wide, which makes it a better choice close to structures, walkways, etc.. Bright clusters of white flowers.

Medium-sized, multi-trunked tree. Flowers appear in late spring or early summer which means they are far less prone to the frost damage that affects some Magnolias. Wonderful contrast between dark green top of leaves of silver-green underside – leaves shimmer in a breeze.

Vigorous multi-stem magnolia with large, bright white flowers with a touch of pink at their base. New foliage emerges with a hint of burgundy and matures to a dark green. Adaptable to a range of soils, but prefers full sun. Spectacular in full bloom, has been described as a blizzard of white.

Pale pink buds open to white flowers which mature into bright red fruits. Persistent fruits make for great late autumn and winter interest. Makes a great street tree under utility lines, great lawn and park tree.

A dwarf crabapple, wider than it is tall. Reddish pink buds open to white flowers. Persistent red fruit are very showy in the fall. Beautiful deep green, deeply lobed foliage is unique, and provides interest through the summer. Makes a good patio tree, great in masses.

Red buds open pink and turn to bright white. Flowers are very fragrant. Fruits that follow are orange-red and persist into winter. Dark green foliage. Tolerates a wide range of soils. Makes a great street tree.

Beautful profusion of white blooms in spring. Small leves turn yellow and orange in fall. Slowing growing, compact form make it a great choice closer to structures, rock gardens, poolscapes, etc..

The star tree in the famous cherry blossom festival in the Washington D.C. – Yoshino is a sight to behold in full bloom. Profuse pale pink to white flowers are slightly fragrant. Glossy bark.

The open form resists wind damage which plagues the common Bradford Pear. Beautiful display of white flowers in spring. Good street tree, tolerates urban conditions. Hardy to Zone 4b.

A Halka introduction with some unique qualities. Acclaimed for it’s dense branching which creates a uniform, symmetrical canopy. Clusters of creamy white flowers in summer borne in upright 6 to 12” tall clusters. Great shade tree, excellent lawn, street and park tree. The most canker resistant Sophora.

A wonderful medium size flowering tree that also casts dappled shade. Clusters of large, very fragrant, white pendulous flowers in late spring – very showy. Dappled shade allows other plantings underneath. Great patio tree.

Dense symmetrical structure creates a beautifully uniform tree. Small pendulous pure white, bell-shaped flowers in late spring. Dark green foliage. Great patio tree, excellent lawn specimen, good for naturalized plantings, tolerates part shade.

All the beauty of a lilac in a tree form. Upright form spreads out with age. Large, creamy white flowers in spring – magnificent in bloom. Beautiful bark and foliage add interest. A show-stopper in bloom.

Dense formed canopy, sturdy and compact. These have heavy flowers, with a cherry-like bark. It’s horizontal lenticels are a great feature to separate this variety from others. As it matures, the trunk becomes more gray, rather than a reddish-brown. Likes a well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Flowers best in full sun. May be one of the […]

A Halka Introduction. Very unique dwarf Linden. Small leaves, very compact, densely pyramidal shape. Takes several years to develop it’s mature form, but holds the pyramidal shape through maturity. Great patio tree, excellent small specimen.

A fast-growing variety that is heat and drought tolerant. Silver undersides of leaves contrast nicely with green tops – leaves shimmer in a breeze. Profuse early summer flowers are hidden somewhat by the foliage but are quite fragrant. Great shade tree.

The contrast between the green topside of leaf and silver-gray underside creates a shimmering effect even in light breezes. Fast growing. makes an excellent shade tree. Good street, lawn or park tree.

This is the wisteria best known as a vine but trained to grow upright in tree form. Spectacular clusters of pendulous flowers in early spring. A wisteria in full bloom is something to behold. Delicate airy foliage provides dappled shade. Very dramatic in bloom.